Most sensory box subscriptions are generic, so we created sensory boxes for experiences to help prepare your child for activities such as...

Going to the doctor, going on an airplane, getting your haircut, going to the zoo, going trick-or-treating, going to a sporting event, going to the dentist, first day of school, winter break, birthday parties, holidays, taking a road trip, going to the movies, going to a restaurant, meeting a new sibling, moving, and more!

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Our sensory boxes are for...

Toddlers and Kids 3 years and up, Typically Developing, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD/ADD, Down Syndrome, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Delays, Speech Delays, Genetic Disorders, and more.

  • Proactive

    Preparing for an experience BEFORE it happens can help make it go smoothly.

  • Regulatory

    If you know what to expect ahead of time, you feel calm, cool, and collected in the moment.

  • Experience

    Let us help you explore your next adventure.

Looking for custom bulk order sensory boxes?

We offer custom sensory box solutions for organizations and clinics placing bulk orders. For more information, please contact us below.

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