About the Founders

Rachel Schneider and Courtney Willis are both moms and pediatric speech-language pathologists, who specialize in Communication Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Apraxia. Rachel and Courtney developed PRE BOX to help children add "tools" to their toolbox to enhance their communication skills while navigating through daily life as they learn and grow.

The Science Behind PRE BOX

PRE BOX utilizes the Emotional Regulation Approach (ERA) to prepare children for new experiences that, in some cases, can lead to emotional dysregulation and subsequently, to problem behaviors while participating in new experiences.

“In an ERA, most problem behaviors are viewed as outcomes of a dysregulated emotional/physiological state. For example, disruptive behavioral patterns (such as screaming or repeated questioning); harmful behavior (such as kicking or biting); or attempts to disengage (such as shutdown and bolting) are considered the individual’s response to dysregulation.

The overarching goals of an ERA are to support an individual’s emotional well-being to maximize availability for active engagement and learning; expand emotional regulatory abilities; and foster the development of secure, trusting relationships. Since the focus is not simply on reducing problem behavior, a plan is implemented prior to the occurrence of
problem behavior” (Prizant, 2011)

Every PRE BOX is designed to increase emotional regulation in the following ways:

• To provide children with strategies and supports to enhance their social participation and engagement in a new experience.

• To give children and adults the tools to lessen the intensity, duration, and frequency of problem behaviors in a new experience.

Prizant, B. “Behavior is Not the issue: An Emotional Regulation Perspective on Problem Behavior.” Autism Spectrum Quarterly, Summer, 2011, 34.

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